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This beautifully crafted starter sensory kit is a great way to get started with sensory bin play. This 14-piece sensory tool set is definitely an invaluable addition to hands-on learning and Montessori play.

Let your little one immerse in a journey of scooping, transferring, dumping, pouring pinching, placing, picking, poking, and lots of playing opportunities that allow them to explore, rehearse and master essential gross and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination

Each piece in the starter sensory kit has been smoothly sanded and sealed with beeswax and mineral oil.

This unique and beautiful set includes:

1 – 9×9 Natural Wooden Tray

6 Bags of rainbow-dyed rice ( 1/2 Cup for each color)

1 – Beanpot with cover (2 5/8″)

1 – Trinket Box with cover (2 1/4″)

1 – Small Plate

1 – 6″ Honey Dipper

1 – 4 1/4″ Scooper

1 – Small spoon

1 – Bamboo Tweezer

* Please note that this wooden tray and tools are not recommended for water activities.

* Rice dyed with food coloring and white vinegar.

*Care Instructions – Store Rainbow Rice in the provided package or in your own sealed container. It will last for a long time. Do not add water or use it in water play.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13.125 × 11.5 × 2.375 in

1-3, 3-5, 5-7