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Sensory Playsets for Development and Joy

We design and create sensory playsets and Waldorf toys to supplement children’s overall development by facilitating an environment where they can engage in meaningful experiences and practice essential motor, social, and cognitive skills via open-ended and child-centered play.
Our mission is to foster a culture of purposeful play where youngsters are empowered to free their imagination in a fun, gratifying, and, constructive setting.

Gioia To Play offers an array of activities for day-to-day play time, homeschooling, and teachers.
Additionally, the play sets are proven aids to occupational, behavioral, and speech therapists.

Theme based sensory kits

Theme-Based Sensory Playsets

Our designs are inspired by our day-to-day family life and topics that create meaningful and valuable playtime. Our playsets include themes such as sea life, construction, garden, farm, and we continuously add new ones. Additionally, we have a line that includes sensory games with play dough including themes of dinosaurs and unicorns.

Seasonal Sensory Playsets

We create seasonal sensory playsets to match the ever-changing seasons of the year such as Winter, Christmas, Fall, Back to School, Spring, Halloween, and Valentine’s day. Some sensory kits include play dough.

Seasonal Sensory Play set
Sensory Play

Benefits Of Sensory Play To Brain Development

Engaging your child in sensory play helps prepare them for life ahead. Read the full blog about the benefits of sensory play and its role in brain development.

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